Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 Books That Made Me Love Reading Challenge

I saw online a Challenge called "Books That Made Me Love Reading." Challenge. The goal is to read one book a month for the year of 2012 from your childhood that sparked you to love reading. Before I saw this challenge I had been thinking of rereading some of my old favorites. This is the perfect reason (excuse?) to do so.

There are so many good books that come to mind, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Ping, Are You There God, It's Me Margaret, Little House on the Prairie (which started my love of history, espescially the Victorian age.) Lavender Green Magic, Pippi Longstocking... I'm going to have trouble figuring out where to start. But I would love to fit in some of those beloved books, into my regular reading schedule. So here I go...

Here are the rules...

♥ Write an introductory challenge post, discussing why you love reading and what some of your favorite books of all time are (especially those you loved when you were younger).

♥ Leave a comment below and link to your challenge post or GoodReads list.

♥ Add the challenge badge to your blog and link it back to this post. You can grab the code below.

♥ Re-read one old favorite per month and write a review that discusses why you loved the book back then and why you love it now (or why you don’t love it quite as much now). Remember: You can read anything from children’s books to classic literature—whatever turned you onto this beloved hobby is A-OK with us.

♥ Whenever you read a new book for the challenge, visit this website and add the links to your reviews on the corresponding month’s post.

♥ I’ll tweet out links to challenge entries as I receive them. I have over 12,000 Twitter followers and would love to help drive traffic to your blogs!

I hope I can find some of my old favorites. I know I have some here, in my garage, in a box, but I wonder if I can find some of the ones I never owned but borrowed from the Library. Do they still have Pippi Longstocking in the Library and how late is it open till tonight? :D


  1. Welcome to the challenge, oh Goddess of Green! I loved Pippi Longstocking too. I'm pretty sure I dressed up as her for Halloween one year. Great memories ;-)

  2. Thanks Emlyn. I am just about to start reading it right now.